Having less stuff doesn’t mean depriving yourself of fun. As a matter of fact, decluttering your home is a chance to start new, clear your mind and get rid of the bad memories. With less stuff, you have less to clean, less to maintain and enough space for new passions. Here are the best and 5 most creative ways to declutter your home:

Give Up One Item Per Day:

Letting go is hard. Especially if you have had some stuff for several years. This is why it takes practice and a lot of determination. Commit to getting rid of one item per day. Automatically, your mind will start to look for the things that you can live without. With time, you will become less attached to the materialistic things, opening up doors for new opportunities and passion.

Think Positive:

It is good to think positively about getting rid of the things that you don’t use any more. This will give decluttering much more purpose. You can pick a bag and think of the things that you are going to donate. Imagine how happy your old stuff can make someone else happy. Encourage your children to think in the same way. This will enable them to get rid of their old toys and clothes without feeling annoyed.

Try the Reverse Hanger Method:

We all have this amazing pair of jeans or wonderful dress that doesn’t fit any more. Nevertheless, we keep it hoping for a miracle diet that will make us able to enjoy wearing it one more time. While planning to lose weight is a great thing, experts say that if you have spent 6 months to a year not wearing a single item, chances are that you won’t ever wear it ever again. Fashion changes, so you’d better make room for new outfits that fit you better. Hang your clothes on the hanger facing the opposite side. After you wear them, return the hanger to normal position. Check your wardrobe after 6 months. Those items that are still facing the opposite side should go.

Make a List:

Decluttering your home can be overwhelming especially if you try to clean every room at the same time. Make a list of the places that you need to clean and declutter. Start with the easiest spot even if it is just a drawer or a closet. Making little victories will encourage you to go on with your decluttering plan. After you have achieved your target, you can move on to the next.

Don’t Go Overboard with Storage Pieces:

Storage pieces, containers, and boxes are extremely important to declutter your home. But before you buy any new items, go through your stuff first. Find what needs to go and how many storage containers you really need. These pieces can contribute to the clutter if you are not using them probably.

Remember that the best time to declutter your home was yesterday. Perfection shouldn’t be your goal as this can disappoint you. Go nice and easy and soon enough you will be achieving your goals.